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LinkedIn Groups for Business

Posted by Lex M Creative, LLC on March 17, 2020 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (0)

LinkedIn Groups for Business

LinkedIn Groups are a significant source of information and opportunity to connect with professionals who share your industry & interests. They serve as a tool for the following:

• Engage your current customers & followers

• Connect your business with your target audience

• Drive traffic to your website

• Establish your company as a leader in your field

• Offer assistance to your peers & potential customers

• Grow your customer base & generate leads

• Recruit strong hiring candidates

• Communicate with people of common interests

Creating a LinkedIn Group for your Business

• Increases your company’s visibility

• Raises your credibility as a thought leader in your industry

• Strengthens the credibility of your business

• Attracts member who may later become followers of your company page

As you represent yourself & your company in groups that you create, join, & participate in, you gain visibility. If you offer helpful information & positive engagement with group members, your credibility goes up. This establishes you and your company as a credible & trustworthy resource in your field. Supported by your good reputation, your follower base will grow quickly when you roll out your new company page and promote it within your groups.


Get to Know Your Audience

The types of groups that people join tell you a lot about their interests.

• Is your audience interested in writing groups or technical writing groups?

• Is your audience interested in education groups or college education groups?

• There are groups for just about any niche (ergo: gardening, auto repair, insurance, eCommerce, Health & Wellness, networking, etc.)

Leveraging Groups

Groups that are related to your field allows you to specifically reach people that are interested in the products and services that you provide.


Featuring Groups

Feature groups on your company page to drive traffic and attract followers.

• Post status updates directly to your featured groups for more visibility

• Feature your own company groups to grow the groups

• Feature other groups relevant to your industry to cross-promote your products, services, and updates.


LinkedIn for Business & for You

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What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social networking platform designed to give people a professional social media presence. It encourages users to connect with the professional community by marketing themselves, networking with other professionals, job-searching, recruiting jobseekers, marketing your business, and generating leads.

Ways to Market Yourself: You can use LinkedIn to market your personal brand, your business, or workplace, or showcase your unique skills in the job market.

Ways to Network include: By connecting with your peers within a given industry, sharing ideas about business topics pertaining to your industry, and staying current within your current industry.

Ways to Market Your Business: Using LinkedIn can help amplify your social media presence. You can target very specific audiences based on demographics that are important to your niche. You establish trust within the business community, and you can generate leads for B2B and B2C clients.

Ways to Leverage the Job Market: Using LinkedIn for job searching on the “Jobs Board” or within various LinkedIn Groups. Researching company profiles for job seekers and recruiting qualified candidates for job openings within your company.

LinkedIn for Marketing

LinkedIn offers several options for marketing your business online. Because LinkedIn’s core demographic of users are affluent, educated, and influential professionals, they are interested in quality content about successful business practices. Both large and small businesses are learning that the low cost of marketing on LinkedIn coupled with the higher ROI makes LinkedIn an important & relevant tool for effective marketing and customer engagement.

Reasons to use LinkedInMarketing Tools Include:

Precise audience segmentation and targeting – this includes specific demographics & professional subgroups within & outside of your followers; B2B marketing by title, function, industry, company size, and seniority.

Professional audience – these are typically well-educated professionals, highly receptive to engaging with brands, content, and advertising, average age is 30-49 years; over 332 MILLION users use LinkedIn!

Sponsored Updates – with LinkedIn you can expand your brand awareness & reach, build relationships and generate leads; you can engage your customer base with relevant content marketing and connect on web, mobile, and tablet.

Flexible Budgeting – with LinkedIn marketing tools you pay by clicks or impressions. You may top running ads at any time – there are no contracts or long-term commitments.

Multiple Ad Formats – Ad can be created with text only, text plus images, or with video – so you have a variety of options here.

Analytical Tools & Reports – you can monitor the performance of your marketing strategy with built-in tools; test & refine your strategies to determine what works best for your business.

In a nutshell, you are able to get niche targeting, quick & easy ad strategy testing, boost your lead volume at a lower cost and raise awareness of your new business or launch!

Setting Up Your Profile on LinkedIn

Your Profile is the first thing that people see when they find you on LinkedIn. It is important to create a professional & positive profile as possible. This lends a strong foundation to your company’s reputation. By leveraging your own profile and those of your employees you can promote your business within your own business community.

Setting Up a LinkedIn Account

Access the LinkedIn website at http://www.linkedin.com if you DO NOT already have an account setup. LinkedIn will walk you through the setup process for account creation. You will have to provide the following:

• Enter Login Information – username & password

• Enter Location & Job Information

• Import Email Contacts (optional)

• Verify your email address

• Add connections – LinkedIn will make suggestions based on your profile

• Download the app for your mobile devices

• Add your phone number

• Choose a plan – free or paid (start with a free plan to simplify the process; you can upgrade your plan at any time).

Following the setup process of your account, fill in as much of your profile as you are comfortable with sharing. Flushing out the details will greatly improve your visibility. It also shows that the company your work for – even if this is your OWN company – has a high-quality professional behind it.

More Tips:

• Be sure you use a professional head shot, or a photo that is a clear, polished representation of you.

Leverage Your Headline – this is the first information people will read after your name. Your headline is designed for SEO keyword placement!

Leverage Your Summary – here you will highlight your skills & specialties, how you can be of service to others and is also designed for SEO keyword placement.

Fill out as many sections beyond these mentioned above as possible. The more you enter, the more likely you are to be discovered. But don’t worry, LinkedIn will periodically prompt you to add information to various sections from time to time. Be sure to include references to your business or company wherever possible. By optimizing your own profile, you now have the perfect introduction to your company’s presence online within the LinkedIn community app. 


Top 10 Tips for Valentine's Day Marketing

Posted by Lex M Creative, LLC on January 31, 2020 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (0)

We all love Valentine’s Day, but as small business owners, it might seem like a niche holiday that only serves limited industries. Sure, if you sell flowers or chocolates, you’ve got it made. But what happens if you’re a small business owner that belongs to one of the other million industries? Well, we’re here to tell you that Valentine’s Day is still a marketing opportunity that is totally worth your while.

With a little creative marketing, some fun ideas, and even a bit of bold craziness; you’ll reap all the rewards that Valentine’s Day has to offer!

With so many opportunities to capitalize on the Valentine’s Day lovefest, we’ve gathered the top 10 you can execute right away.

10. Two-for-one deals

A holiday celebrating couples is the perfect opportunity for a two-for-one promotion. Whether you sell products or offer services, virtually any brand can capitalize on an annual dating holiday. Romantic dining specials, buy one-get-one deals, discounted adventures, and other ideas all naturally lead to couple-driven promotions.

9. Promotional codes

You can use Valentine’s Day promotions without selling Valentine’s Day products. According to Business 2 Community, Valentine’s Day promotions return a 28% conversion rate for retail customers, as well as 12% for travel clients.

You can also offer other promotional deals, such as free gift wrapping, a small seasonal token, or free shipping. It doesn’t take much to enhance the holiday season, and customers are always eager to find a deal. Especially on a day when let’s be honest, most of us are prone to overspending.

8. Social media polls

Now, you can easily run polls on social media to engage your audience, which can go a long way towards promoting a holiday deal. This type of interactive post allows your followers to really get involved and invested in your brand. Even if you don’t know what to offer, try a preliminary poll for some inspiration.

Your Valentines-themed polls can include “What’s the Best Valentine’s Day Gift?” or “What are You Getting YOUR Sweetie for Valentine’s Day?”. These can easily be done on Facebook Polls or in a cute video on Instagram Story. Besides being a fun way to encourage your audience’s participation, it gives you insight into their perspective.

7. Seasonal video ads

If you are running a Valentine’s Day sale, you need to get the word out. As of 2019, promotional videos are the best way to market any season deal.

Whether you have an exclusive weekend sale or a limited number of jewelry specials, you can effectively target your core audience with pointed social media video advertising. Time is of the essence so start teasing your deals now and ramp it up the closer we to the big day!

6. Valentine’s Day texts

Just like the candy grams, short and sweet holiday text messages get directly to the point. Not only do consumers respond to texts far faster than emails, but according to Rebrandly, short branded links in texts have a 39% higher click-through rate than traditional links. By targeting the right audience, you could easily boost your holiday sales traffic.

5. Holiday merchandising

Using in-house holiday-themed branding is an ideal way to market to local traffic. Creating shirts, hats, keychains, or other everyday items with a Valentine’s Day motif can encourage impulse purchases. It might be cliché but you know you love it.

By simply changing your colors for the few weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day and adding some heart-shaped swag to your collection, you can tap into that consumer holiday urgency and increase purchasing.

4. Valentine’s Doorbuster gift

“Doorbuster” promotions don’t need to be extravagant to get results. Rewarding your initial customers for the day with a rose, an in-store coupon, a bar of small chocolate, or other item is likely enough to attract early-rising consumers.

Handing out promotional items also creates an inclusive atmosphere, helping a broader group of people avoid feeling excluded. Even if your store is entirely online, you can still create temporary discounts or gifts.

Don’t neglect the single folks!

Wait, what? This one may seem a little crazy and even counter-intuitive, but don’t forget that single consumers account for roughly half of all Valentine’s Day sales. And good for them (*cough* us).

There’s untapped potential here! By marketing towards the single crowd, you’re targeting a vastly, vastly, vaaaaastly underappreciated and under-marketed portion of the Valentine’s Day consumer base.

Even if you are a business that regards couples as your bread and butter, there’s no reason to neglect the unattached crowd. For example, a spa may be inundated with couples massages and packages on Valentine’s Day. But there’s no reason you can’t host a singles event even the day after on Singles Awareness Day!

3. How-to videos

Engaging an audience with tutorials remains a practical way to grow your fans online. Gift-giving holidays such as Valentine’s makes for the perfect occasion to create unique content, even in the form of more traditional tutorial videos.

Show off your present-wrapping skills, display how to use a gift bag properly, or how to really take things to the next level this V-Day.

2. Engage pet owners

Before you call us crazy, listen to this – Valentine’s Day sales statistics show us that in 2016, the average pet owner spent about $26.24 on their pets celebrating the day of love. No joke. Although that falls short of the $96.63 of typical purchases for human romantic partners, it’s still a fairly significant share of the total $19.6 billion Valentine’s Day pie.

If you’re a pet-centric business, you’ve got this. If not, you can still take advantage of puppy love – for example, you can offer Valentines-themed dog-friendly treats with any purchase or hold a social media contest encouraging owners to share how much they love their pets.

1. Decorate your socials

Numerous social media platforms make it simple to update your headings, profile photos, cover images and other visual items with holiday-themed filters. This is the equivalent to decorating your store pink balloons and encouraging your shoppers to get into the holiday spirit. Even if you manage your social pages alone, it’s a simple way to show that you remain active online.

We can even make a holiday cover video for your Facebook page to really spice up your socials. As opposed to a cover image, cover videos intrigue your users to stick around and conveys a story in just a few seconds. We use our Image Resizer to make sure that your photos fit each platform with the required dimensions.



7 Ways to Promote Your Business this Holiday Season

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The holiday season has finally arrived. The smell of eggnog is in the air and Christmas lights are illuminating the streets for as far as the eye can see. But before you can kick your feet up and enjoy Christmas jingles in your snowflake-printed PJs, you have to be sure that your business is making the most out of this opportunity – You need a fully formed marketing campaign and that will require some prep work.

Christmas is an important time of year for every kind of business, both big and small. It’s the biggest consumer holiday there is as gift-givers are looking for new and original ways to delight their recipients. So, no matter what industry you’re in, you need to start planning an effective holiday marketing campaign that won’t let any potential customers slip away.

Here are a few stats just to give you a taste of what’s at stake:

1. Christmas-fy your branding: Holiday decoration is not just for brick and mortar. It can make a significant impact on your social channels and eCommerce stores as well. Lex M Creative has a number of tools that can help you decorate your digital sphere with holiday-themed videos, creative content and more!

2. Don’t alienate your non-celebrating customers: In all, the “holiday season” is often thought of as kicking off with Black Friday and ending with New Year’s Eve. This gives you a whole month to plan out and fill with marketing awesomeness. If need be, you can avoid saying the word “Christmas” altogether by simply referring to holiday sales, winter sales, end-of-year sales, etc. Overall holiday spending is worth a lot and the more encompassing your messaging is, the bigger piece of that pie you’ll get.

3. Keep your social channels as full as your belly: Get a customizable caption, video, or hashtag for every single day of the month from our Social Marketing Calendar. All you have to do is select a video (or all of them), and we will customize and post as you sip your morning pumpkin latte.

4. Theme your content: You have to be a little creative with your content, especially around the holidays. Try crafting content aimed at providing holiday tips, recipes, or celebration ideas. This type of content always works better in video form which is far more memorable and enticing than a simple blog or Facebook post.

5. Don’t sleep on gift cards: This is also a good way to collect leads for your marketing efforts. You can ask your customers to fill out both their own and the recipient’s email address when purchasing a gift card.

6. Create a sense of urgency: Create a Christmas countdown clock in your email marketing efforts or on your social channels to keep your customers on their toes.

7. The gift that keeps on giving: Once this year’s campaign is over, put all of your well-performing content into a designated folder for next year so you don’t lose it.

And Remember: Christmas is an exciting time of year for customers, small businesses, corporations and everyone in between. It’s the busiest shopping season of the year, and often the most lucrative. Book your consultation early and plan your Christmas strategy. Let Lex M Creative create awesome promotions, enticing deals, and engaging video marketing content to tell the world what you have to offer.